Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just like Barack Obama

This has been an extremely hard first trimester for me. I am learning to trust in God like never before and being challenged daily to lean on the Lord for strength. One morning at the breakfast table, I leaned my head down on my arm as Kalena and I sat talking and eating our cereal. She sweetly exclaimed "Oh Mommy, are you tired?" "yea, mommy is tired" I said, then she asked, "Mommy, why are you tired?" and I answered "Because mommy is pregnant" I said, knowing she has only heard that word several times. "Oh" she exclaimed knowingly "just like Barack Obama" she said with confidence, going back to another bite of cereal. In my sleepiness I sat up and looked at her. What did she mean by this... it had to make sense in some way to her little brain because she was so sure of her statement. Then it hit me. Barack Obama is president, and mommy is Pregnant. Words anyone could confuse :) I giggled at the connection she had made and explained to her the meaning of the two words, and that Barack Obama is not pregnant. :)

Lyon Cub #3!!

We are so excited to announce that we have a third Lyon cub on the way! We can't wait to find out more about our next little one. The Dr. apt reviled a strong heart beat and a due date of November 23! Just in time for Thanksgiving!! What a thankful time it will be.
I have explained the idea that a new baby is inside mommy to Kalena (now 2 1/2 years old) and she seems to understand. One night while we were cuddling before bed I asked her if we could come up with a name for the new baby. First this is what she informed me of "I am going to ask Jesus for 5 babies. One for mommy, one for daddy, one for Sara and one for me.." I then showed her with my fingers that that was only 4... and asked who the last baby would be for and she exclaimed "Oh that one is for me too." Next we embarked on the task of giving the baby a name. Kalena has not named any of her dolls or stuffed animals at this point in her development. We encourage her too but she just calls them "baby doll" or "teddy." For naming the baby, she went through all the names of everyone in the family "Grammy?" I said "no we already have a 'Grammy'" and we went on this way though the entire family and extended family. I was about to give up when she exclaimed "Pops!" She looked at me for approval. I looked questioningly and said... well what else, pops is nice. Then she said "how about ants" "ummmm maybe Pops is better" I said so we stuck with pops. Now she loves to rub my belly and talk to pops, often saying "Oh pops, your sooo cute, little one" with a high pitched voice. Priceless!