Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trip to Kaz!

Kalena and Justin got to go to Kazakhstan for 8 days. They were able to connect with the Church there and get a better feel for how our church can help the church there. We love the people there and want to encourage them in any and every way we can! Kalena had a great time and even got to celebrate her 8th birthday there! It was a birthday she will never forget!

Best day of Summer 2014.

This is the last picture of Katie in her purple cast. Katie had her cast removal appointment and then we went strait to the airport to pick up daddy and Kalena who have been in Kazakhstan for a week. It was the "best day ever!" She could not wait to get out of this cast even though it was very beautiful. Praise the Lord for our bones and their ability to heal.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Our sweet little house guest turned two!! We love her sweet smile and her contagious giggles! 

Worship Recital

We love our piano teacher Stacy. We just had our first recital and it was so fun to worship along with the kids as they played for us! I love that it was not about the kids. It was about making music to the Lord. 

Superman Saves the Ballerinas!


Katie and I are having so much fun doing preschool! Now that her cast of off and she can use her right arm, we are catching up on all the things we wanted to do for the past two months!