Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1 Year Old!!

Our sweet Andy Buddy is ONE!!
He is walking all over the place and even tries to run now and then. He has been saying "Da Da" for a while now, but recently has mastered "Ma Ma" and it melts my heart every time I hear it. He has also started doing sign language for "please" and "all done," and when he sees or hears a dog he tries to do a little doggie bark which is SOOOOO cute!! Although we can't understand his words, he is constantly trying to talk to us... stringing all kinds of noises and sounds in to words. Sometimes he looks at me as if I should be able to understand him. I wish I could!! I know there is so much going on in his little mind!
Andrew is a happy baby. He is always ready to laugh (especially when we kiss his belly!) and sometimes just looks at me and starts laughing. His sisters are relentless huggers and kissers and are constantly trying to make him laugh. I believe the correct term is "smothering," but he doesn't seem to mind. He adores each of them and loves to play with them.
He is quite a bit tougher and stronger than the girls. He falls, but hardly notices. He knocks over furniture. He loves loud noises. When we dunk him in the pool he doesn't mind.
My favorite things about Andrew: How he holds out his little hands for me when he wants to be picked up.  I love our cuddle times when I feed him his bottle before bed. He has a special place he puts his head on my chest then he tucks his little arms in and just cuddles. It is so precious.  I love when I pick him up to hold him and he pats and rubs my back. He is just so cute and sweet and we are having so much fun with him everyday!

My prayer for Andrew is to become a worshiper of the Lord Jesus Christ. May he follow the Savior with every ounce of his being and lead others to do the same. In his sermon on Sunday at Hickory Harvest in NC, Kurt Gebhards preached about the difference between those who know about Christ and those who really know Christ... and, simply put, it is the difference between heaven and hell. I pray with my entire heart and soul that my Andrew will really truly know Christ. I love you more than words can say sweet baby Andrew!!

Twain Hart

We had such a great time with our dear friends the Comforts, Gilmores and Wenslawskis at Twain Hart Lake!!