Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kalena's Procopation

While cleaning out the car, I left the girls unattended in the house (leaving the door open so I could hear their sweet voices as they played). Little did I know that Kalena was unraveling an entire roll of dental floss as she weaved it through various polls and handles throughout the house. Literally, in the time it took me to clean the car out, Kalena had T.P.ed our home with dental floss, with floss extending all the way up and down the stairs. When I asked her what she was doing, she said she was making a "procopation." (?) She often makes up words. She made up the word "procoration" not too long ago and so I asked her if she meant a "procoration" and she said "no, a procoration is a necklace or a decoration." Then she assured me with a proud smile "this is a procopation!" I decided to allow her to continue (the dental floss was already completely disassembled, and daddy was on a trip so he wasn't going to come home to the chaos) but then later, to Kalena's disappointment, had to walk around the house and literally cut my way through the floss. This picture does not do justice to the masterpiece "procopation".

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Babies Babies Babies!!!

Our Sunday School class is booming with babies! I love every minute I get to spend with these ladies and all the babies!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Psalms 121:4

As I battle through each day somewhat sleep deprived, I am reminded that my God supply's my strength, and not my hours of sleep. My God is never tired and He is always available to give me energy! This truth is so comforting! My friend Sara made this cute burp cloth at a baby shower recently. How appropriate is this verse for a nursing mother at 3am!

From the Farm

Michelle Gutie recomended "Farm Fresh to You"... so we tried it out. I love that all this fresh, in season produce just arrived on my doorstep!! I got this entire box for $31.50 (that is including the delivery). Everything so far has been really wonderful!! Thanks Michelle!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

K: Mommy, why do we have to wait for the icecream to soften, i really want to eat it now!
M: Sweetie, it is so hard that even mommy can't scoop it out!
K: Daddy, can you get it out?
D: No sweetie, we need to be patient and wait for it to get soft, even daddy can't get it out
K: Can we give it to God to get it out? Then he can give it back?

Shannon was over with her baby, Ryle, and he was really upset while she was changing his diaper. Kalena looked concerned and said to Shannon, "we need to call my daddy" Shannon replied, "Oh, why do we need to call your daddy?" Kalena said "Because he can make people feel better. He is really strong."

Kalena plays with KidPix, a fun drawing software for the Mac. Often times when she is done with a picture, she will want to print. We are re-arranging our computers and the printer is unhooked. Justin came home from work and Kalena stated... "Daddy, can you help me? The printer is having a bad attitude."

Every time I brush Kalena's hair, she gets upset because it hurts. Recently she has been telling me she wants to cut her hair off. I agreed to give her a haircut tonight and was asking her how short I should cut her hair. She replied "I want my hair like daddy's. I want you to cut it ALL off!" I tried to explain that we still needed to have a "girl" haircut, but for about 20 min or so she was persistently pointing to the very top of her head, pleading with me to "cut it all off!" I finally just had to say no, and we settled on right above her shoulders. It was sad for me to see beautiful big chunks of blond hair fall to the ground, but i can't argue that morning hair brushing will be a bit more pleasant from now on.