Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Back in Kazakhstan

Our first days in Kazakhstan have been so amazingly fun. We have enoyed getting to see the town and learn our way around our new neighborhood. It's been fun to have some thunderstorms in the evenings too! The food has been great and the kids love trying the new cereals. Fruits and veggies are very cheap so everyone is excited about that. We are loving reconnecting with all our sweet friends here!! 

Sports Camp in Kazakhstan

 We are having a great time at "English In Action" sports Camp, here in Kazakhstan.  The children we are serving are from an orphanage here in town. It is such a heavy burden I wrestle with in my heart to comprehend that these sweet kids have no mommy to care for them and cuddle them. It is just not ok. I have completely fallen in love with one little boy. He and my daughter Sara could absolutely be twins, and his is about her age. I am really praying that someday the Lord will allow us to adopt a child if it is His will. This precious little boy will now be one of the children who I don't get to keep, but who will remain in my heart forever. I pray, and will pray for the rest of my life, that this sweet boy grows to love the Lord with all his might, and serve Him faithfully.