Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lovin life.

Family Pile Up
We are positive this is the time period in our life we would want to freeze and keep the same forever and ever. We love all the stages our kids are in right now and are having so much fun with them everyday. I wish they didn't have to grow up!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Andrew is almost 3!

3!!! I can't even imagine life without our sweet Andrew! He comes to give me huggs probably 50 times a day. Despite his sweetness, Bubba is helping to bring manliness into the household as well. He loves drums, guitars, super heroes, firetrucks, garbage trucks, and all other trucks. His favorite colors are red (for firetrucks) green (for Green Lantern) and blue because Daddy likes it. He loves loud things and breaking things. However, he doesn't like to be dirty at all. He will change his clothes and wash his hands repeadidly to stay clean. He is the cuddliest of all our kids and is always wanting to snuggle. He loves all boys (Bampi, all his uncles) and is so happy to have two boy cousins, Sam and Max. He also loves his sisters like crazy and is always playing with them. We thank God for giving us this sweet and sensitive little guy. Justin and I are still in shock that we have a boy... and we are loving every second with him! 
Bubba's first taste of Jello! ^ He loved it!

This is called "Daddy playground"

Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet boy!

Bubba and the Zip Lock Bags

This is one of my favorite things that Andrew does. When he is really hungry, he will go grab a box of ziplock bags and bring it to me. P b and J sandwiches are his favorite food, and have you ever noticed the  p.b n j on the front of the zip lock box? It looks really good and the crust is even cut off.  I love it so much when he does this, it's so sweet and funny, that I haven't yet told him it's just plastic in the box. I just take the box from him, sit him down and make him a sandwich. I am not sure when, but someday soon, he will realize there are no sandwiches in the zip lock box. That will be a sad day for me


Justin got to go to Tanzania recently. It was a wonderful trip full of great opportunities. We loved the work going on there so much we would jump at the chance to go live there someday. 

But Not Gino

My wonderful mother-in-love wrote this fabulous Children's book and has just had it published this spring. We are so proud of her! It is called But Not Gino and has a nice little song on CD to go with it! The kids love it and love their G-ma!!

Safe Families 2014

Easter 2014

Les Miserables

Justin got to be in our city's production of Les Miserables. We loved watching him in it! I took the girls to see the show on opening night, another night took Andrew, and another night went with our friends. Andrew and I got to go back stage and meet the cast which was a blast. He especially loved meeting Gavrosh and Cosette since he sings all of their songs constantly.  It was such a fun and memorable experience! We made some great friends too.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Kalena turned 7 on September 17th, 2013. It was a wonderful birthday. She got to pick out a cake and have it decorated exactly how she wanted it..She picked a chocolate cake with red roses on it. We had Elena and her family over and the girls all decorated button boxes.
 Kalena loves gardening, sewing, reading and soccer. She was a star defender on the soccer team and even scored a goal this year. She is very close with her sisters and brother. They all love her very much, and look to her for help and cuddles. I am so thankful for what a hard worker Kalena is and how she is determined to get things right, no matter what it is. It is so fun seeing her big front teeth come in, and to watch her grow so tall! We love Kalena so much and thank God for the sensitivity He has placed in her. May He grow that to a level that can be used for caring for His people.  Kalena, my 7 year old.... I love you with all my heart!


As I look back on housing situations in the past for Justin and I, it is impossible not to see the providence of God. Currently, we have been so blessed by my sister's in-laws, and been given the opportunity to live in a wonderful duplex. It is not far from our life and friends.  It has a front and backyard with a place we were able to put a tree fort and a fun swing. God has blessed us so richly in our housing needs ever since we were married. Early in our marriage we lived downtown and next door to my childhood best friend and her husband. Then we moved to LA. We stayed in motels for a bit and then were taken in by a couple at our church with a beautiful home and an in-law unit for us. We then were able to buy our house next door to our church. Grace Church is said to be the Disneyland of Christianity. It was amazing.  The amount of joy, worship and fellowship that happened at our home next door to Grace was unbelievable. We named our second daughter Sara Grace. When we moved back, we were able to live just blocks from my parents, which is the home we were in when Katie was born.  Then we moved next door to our amazing friends the Maclennans (I'm not making this up... It's unreal) then, we had to move and found a place we LOVED... and my sister and her husband moved in next door to us!!! This was the place we brought Andrew home to. What a whirlwind of blessing upon blessing. Just when we were feeling the urge for more space, my sister's in-laws called and offered to let us rent their 3 bedroom duplex within our budget.
(my favorite quote from Steve, my sister's father in law, "We are not on this earth to make money.") 
So here we are, in a smallish town that we love, with a beautiful home we don't deserve. We have beautiful views of the mountains and the sunsets.  I have no idea how long we will be able to stay here... but I do know this: God has and always will provide for us. We praise him and thank Him for such kindness, and we are at peace with...and are excited for...whatever he provides next.

Working hard or...

Exactly what part of your homework instructions is this?

4 1/2

Katie is now four and a half. I can't believe how fast this year is going by. It's flying. Katie is such a joyful playful girl who is always making us laugh. She has an explosive and dramatic personality which always leaves us wondering what she will say, do or sing next. She loves others passionately. Kalena left for a sleepover tonight and Katie cried for her on and off all evening saying she missed her. Her favorite things to sing are Songs from Frozen and from Les Meserables. She also loves the songs she learned at Little Lambs ("The Same Same Hands") and she learns chants the girls bring home from school (she will break out the books of the bible at the top of her lungs anywhere we happen to be).
I pray Katie will always be dramatic and energetic for The Lord and her passion for life and love will bring people to know true life and God's love. We praise God for creating Katie! What a masterpiece she is!

Blogging fun

I told the girls about this blog... And they can't get enough! They LOVE looking back on all their baby pictures and reading the stories I have written.

Kids cooked dinner!

Tonight was the first time I was in an advisory only role during the making of dinner... the girls did it all. I was so proud of them! Waffle turkey sammies... Yum!

My little nurse in training

Katie is so sensitive to Kristen and loves to help me take care of her. I am so thankful for her sweet tender heart. While brushing her hair, Katie says "it's ok Kristen, don't cry. Your sister does this to me too." This morning we were with Kristen again and she got upset that I started brushing Kristen's teeth without her. 

Katie helping wrap Grampa's leg.