Friday, June 21, 2013

Almost 2!!

Andrew is almost 2!! Around Christmas as he turned 18 months, and we were so excited then to begin to understand some words he said (although very few). He has always been so talkative but we didn't ever know what he was saying until recently.  He would just ramble on and on in his sweet baby talk, obviously telling us many things. Now just recently his ramblings have become sentences that we can understand! It is fascinating to watch each of our kids learn to speak. It is one of my favorite parts of being a mom. Now Andrew is repeating everything we say and building sentences and thoughts on his own too. It is so exciting getting to talk to my sweet little boy!! I pray the Lord will cause our sweet boy to grow in his ability to talk for the purpose of spreading the love of God to others, and teaching and preaching the truth!  

To say that we are all in love with this little one is an understatement. He receives constant huggs and kisses all day from all of us. He loves his sisters and they adore him.  He calls Kalena "Na Na", Sara is "Ra Ra", and Katie is "T.T." I love it when he talks and talks using hand gestures and facial expressions, but no one can understand him. We all just laugh and say "Thats right Andy!" 

He has a sweet and tender heart. He is always caring and seldom disobeying. His new word is "OK" which he says constantly when I tell him "No" to something. He is such a precious baby boy and we are praising and thanking God for giving him to us!! We are so excited to celebrate these wonderful two years with our boy!!!