Monday, November 25, 2013

Family Camp 2013!

Sara's 5th Birthday!

This is the face of one excited little girl, about to attend her 5th birthday party. It was such a fun birthday with lots of friends and family, and some awesome purple marshmallow flower cupcakes that Mommy and aunt Emily produced (didn't end up looking like the magazine.. but still a hit).  It was such a beautiful spring day, the 4th of May at Ygnaco Park. The party was super duper fun, complete with hot dogs, scruffy, a water fight, and a piƱata.  

I am so thankful everyday for this enormous ray of sunshine wrapped up in a tiny little body. She is such a fun, spunky, energetic, joyful girl who is quickly friends with anyone and loves to have fun. She is so tender and thoughtful with people around her and is always helping with her favorite little baby boy Andrew.  Sara is very sensitive towards the Lord and is quick to remind us all of God's love and also different verses in the Bible that apply to different situations.  Her favorite Bible verse she loves to quote is "Blessed are the gentle" Mathew 5:5  She is such a quick learner (reading like crazy!) and I pray she will continue to learn about God's world and apply it to her life. I love you forever and always my little Sara Bear. You are my sunshine!