Thursday, July 9, 2015

Anfisa's Party

I have fallen in love with a little girl here in Kazakhstan. Her name is Anfisa and she turned 9 today. She has Cerebral Palsy. We had the honor to go to her birthday party... and what a fun party it was! It was at a place called Bloomville Kids Cafe. It was the most amazing place. The staff had a program to entertain and feed the kids for 5 hours. They did everything... crafts, games, playing out on play structures, and eating yummy food. There were two parties there and the amazing staff organized all the kids there into a circus show and even roped some of us parents into it too. I was dressed up like a monkey and given a tutu. With not being able to understand Russian... I was getting the feeling they were asking me to dance when Anfisa waves her wand at me. They had all the kids come up and do all sorts of funny things (funny that was transcending even language and culture) and when it was my turn, and that sweet little girl with a smile that melts my heart waved her little want at me... I did my best monkey and then went nuts and danced to the crazy music they began to play. It was ridiculously funny. Anfisa's laugh was all I needed to keep me going. I can honestly say there are few people in the world I would do a "crazy dancing monkey" for but Anfisa is on the top of that list. She has had and continues to go through so much 
painful therapy and muscle stretches... but she always has the brightest smile that is electric. Her mom shared with me that watching her child go through this has been hard and she has questioned "why" to the Lord, and shed many tears over the years. However, Anfisa says she trusts that God has a big plan for her. Her mom fully trusts in the Lord, and also shared that they have had some amazing people they have connected with in a support group. She says God's plan might be for them to share Christ with these and others. I am so thankful I have met this family and they will always be an encouragement to me. I will always pray for this sweet little girl, Anfisa, in Kazakhstan, who has completely stolen my heart!