Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Katelyn is 1!!

Our sweet little Katelyn is 1 year old! We love our little Katie-bear so much!! It is hard to believe she is now one, because she still looks so much like a little baby (not much hair and only 2 teeth). We have nicknamed Katie our little "Monster" because she is very strong, and can plow right over Sara and over most toys and things that get in her way. When the girls are playing and Katelyn starts heading towards them, they yell "Here comes the monster!!"
Katelyn loves to read, to play with toys, and eat. Her favorite foods are cottage cheese, avocado, bananas, any kind of meat and bread. Katelyn has taken some steps on her own and can stand up on her own without help up, but she is not walking yet. She can, however climb up onto a two step stool in the kitchen and can almost climb right into the sink! She can also go from our wooden high-chair right onto the table if she is not strapped in.
She is a huge cuddler. Even right now as I write, she is standing next to me with her head in my lap. She is always putting her head on me to cuddle and I love it. Occasionally I see her cuddle one of her sisters and it is so sweet! I am so glad she is already finding comfort in them. Kalena loves to cuddle her, which includes grabbing her around her waist and rolling around the floor with her while their cheeks are pressed together. Katelyn loves it. A friend was babysitting recently and Katelyn was extremely upset after a nap, until Kalena came to comfort her. Immediately when Kalena comforted her she stopped crying and was ready to play.
The three girls have started to play together so well, often I hear them from another room and they are all three giggling uncontrollably. I love that they love each other so much!! I pray that their relationships between each of them continue to grow and would be strong, healthy and productive in their lives to encourage one another to be more like Christ! I am so excited to watch all three girls grow closer together!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Little Ponies and Total Depravity

Kalena and Sara play with My Little Ponies everyday now. They love them and play really well together. I ease dropped on them one day and heard this: "Sara, this is the God pony, this pony is going to be God." Somehow a My Little Pony being "God" immediately caused me to step in and re-direct Kalena, instructing her that God is not in the form of a pony. She then stated, "But mommy, the ponies need a God, they are all sinners!!!" I opened my mouth, thinking I was going to reply with something wise, but nothing came out. I shut my mouth. "You are right, sweetie, the ponies are sinners." I backed away and let them resume playing. She might not have a grasp on God as a Spirit being that we are not to make an image of, but it seems she is catching on to the doctrine of total depravity :) It excites me when I see that the hard work and words I poor into them each day didn't just go in one ear and out the other as so often it seems. Moments like these that catch me off guard and show me that they are learning about our Creator are so precious. I thank God that He is instructing their hearts, and I pray He continues to reveal Himself and His Truth to them more and more as they grow. I want them know Him personally, to trust Him, and to Love Him.

Friday, November 5, 2010

My New Favorite Word

One of my favorite things to hear Sara say is "probably." Here is my best phonetic rendition: "Plobly"

Sara got very tired during trick or treating since during the day she was too excited to take her nap. I knew it was time for her to stop when at one house, the woman offered Sara candy and she replied "No, thank you," stuck her thumb in her mouth and turned around to walk back to me. The lady about died. Not quite what she was expecting from a trick or treater!

For several days now we have been having "Welcome home daddy surprise." When daddy gets home everyone gets a little candy treat. Recently while eating candy, Sara exclaimed "My mouth really likes candy!"