Monday, February 15, 2010


Best Valentines Day Ever!!
We were so blessed to have a wonderful evening yesterday. When the girls woke up from their naps we decided to ascend a good size hill behind the neighborhood we live in. The recent rain had turned the hill bright green, scattered with beautiful yellow mustard flowers. We drove to the base of it and hiked almost all the way up! Kalena did it all by herself and loved every minute. She was busy looking at the flowers and collecting sticks. Jus and I toted Katelyn and Sara while spontaneously breaking out into choruses of "The Hills Are Alive." We got to a good spot and had a picnic dinner we brought along. As we were eating a heard of horses trotted down behind us and one even came right up to the fence we were sitting near. We were sad we hadn't brought any carrots! We watched it get dark and opened a box of chocolates to share. As we were eating sweet Kalena rested her hand on Justin and said, "Happy Valentines Day daddy!" It was so sweet. This sounds like a fairy tale valentines evening for a family with three kids 3 and under, and that is exactly what it was. Perfect! We didn't have enough hands to bring the camera, so we will all have to use our imagination and memory to recall the evening. It was really the sweetest time we have ever shared as a family! I am so thankful to God for each of my sweet little girls, and for my wonderful husband.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cheerleading Practice!


I had that "Sara is being way too quiet" feeling the other day. I went upstairs and found her playing with a very large tub of Vaseline. She had stripped down to just a shirt and rubbed vaseline all over her entire body including through her hair. In her full attire of vaseline, she also clobbered the floor, a pile of clean laundry, and my sheets and bedspread!! It was a vaseline nightmare...and I tried to hide my amusement and laughter when I asked her what she was doing. She replied "Mommy... medicine." Kalena knew enough not to participate, but she stood by watching, fully entertained with big wide eyes... wondering what mommy was going to do. I wisked Sara to the tub and we washed and scrubbed for quite a while and I must have rinsed her 500 times. Two intense shampoos later, this picture is what her hair still looked like. It was standing strait up from all the grease!! Sara's skin also had a nice shiny tone for the next several days. :)

Sara Eats a Tangerine

I put several tangerines up in the Girl's room thinking we would have it after I put some laundry away. This is how I found Sara a few minuets later... she had eaten the entire tangerine except for these few remaining scraps and juicy mess. The peal didn't seem to bother her... "yummy orange" she said!


Kalena gets an A....and Sara... well she gets an A too for effort. She really did try hard! :)

Flying Paper Cutter!

This morning I had a little run in with a paper cutter from my closet; it suddenly sprouted wings and came flying at me at an incredible rate!! I am so happy that all six stitches are nestled nicely in my eyebrow. The cut (as you can see in the picture) even curves along with my eyebrow!! The doctor doesn't think you will even be able to see it once it is healed! As she scrubbed it clean (before the lidocane... not quite sure why the lidocane couldn't have come first) I thought of all the people in Hati who were undergoing much worse without any medication. My heart aches for them and all the pain and suffering around the world.

2 Months Old!

Katelyn is already 2 months old! She is now smiling at us, and has started to coo. She has a distinct deep raspy little voice that we just can't get enough of!!!! We think she is going to be just as talkative as her big sisters!! She is a really strong baby too, wining, by far, the Bumbo contest. At 2 months she is sitting for 5+ minuets in the bumbo... the other girls barely sitting in it at 3 months!!