Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sara's Milestones Thus Far

Sara has some new developments in the past several weeks. Our favorite for sure are her sweet kisses. Now when you ask her for a kiss, Sara will open her mouth wide and head full throttle for your face (anywhere). It is amazingly cute to get such a sweet wet slobbery kiss from this little one who is just trying to figure it all out.

Sara also will hold any small electronic device or remote up to her hear (or the back of her head ??) and talk into it like a cell phone and she takes her shoes and puts them to her feet. She says "mamma, dadda, and ba ba" (for bottle)

She also says "Ohhhhh" and makes a face when she sees something she likes.

On her birthday this week she has finally mastered the popsickle. We are so proud of our little Sara Bear!!

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