Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome Baby Weston!!

Our dear friends Andrew and Michelle have had their first precious baby boy! We are so excited for them and for their families! We got the chance to be at the hospital when all the grandparents got "the text" that Weston was born. I think Michelle's mom was so excited she was going to blast off to the moon! I have never seen a more excited Grandmother... it was an amazing moment and so incredibly precious! Andrew and Michelle are so blessed, by all their family who were there and love them so much!

Kalena and Weston's cousin Joy got to bond over fruit snaks and Finding Nemo while we all waited to see Andrew and Michelle! Joy was so sweet and cute!! It was such an honor as well to meet Andrew's Mom, and to see his Dad again! What wonderful people!!!

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  1. Thank u so much for being there! I ate all the cookies!! My early morning feeding snack! You guys mean so much to us and we miss u terribly!