Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Little Ponies and Total Depravity

Kalena and Sara play with My Little Ponies everyday now. They love them and play really well together. I ease dropped on them one day and heard this: "Sara, this is the God pony, this pony is going to be God." Somehow a My Little Pony being "God" immediately caused me to step in and re-direct Kalena, instructing her that God is not in the form of a pony. She then stated, "But mommy, the ponies need a God, they are all sinners!!!" I opened my mouth, thinking I was going to reply with something wise, but nothing came out. I shut my mouth. "You are right, sweetie, the ponies are sinners." I backed away and let them resume playing. She might not have a grasp on God as a Spirit being that we are not to make an image of, but it seems she is catching on to the doctrine of total depravity :) It excites me when I see that the hard work and words I poor into them each day didn't just go in one ear and out the other as so often it seems. Moments like these that catch me off guard and show me that they are learning about our Creator are so precious. I thank God that He is instructing their hearts, and I pray He continues to reveal Himself and His Truth to them more and more as they grow. I want them know Him personally, to trust Him, and to Love Him.

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