Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Bogstad's House

Sara was playing with her playhouse and people yesterday and I was in the kitchen making dinner. I thought I miss heard her so I poked my head around the corner to listen. Sure enough, she was saying "It's the Bogstad's house." Every person and animal she had was crammed into her play house.

The Bogstads are a very dear family to us. They have been at NorthCreek Church for a long time. I babysat their kids, Justin and Dave served on Jr. High staff together and Justin asked Dave advice on dating me (thanks for approving Dave!). Chris came to live with us in L.A., was very involved in our Epoch Bible Study and is now managing our house there. He is such a solid man of God, it is hard to imagine I ever babysat him! Alli is a huge encouragement to me, as she strived diligently to lead and disciple a huge group of female students at UC Davis, and is now very involved in Kaleo. She is always striving after the will of God and trying to live her life in a way that pleases Him. We are so privileged now to be back in ministry with Dave and Cindy in Kaleo. They have served the group so faithfully and it has been such a huge encouragement for us to watch and learn from them as a God fearing, God honoring couple. Dave's teaching in Kaleo has been encouraging and convicting!! They have been so generous opening their beautiful home to Kaleo events. What an example they are... even to my 2 year old!! Even little Sara recognizes the importance of the Bogstad's house :) We are so thankful to the Lord for allowing us this wonderful time, and relationship with the Bogstad family.

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