Monday, November 5, 2012

The "Why?" Drama

This is something we learned from our pastor Kurt Gebhards (and his amazing wife Julie) and we love it. We try to encourage our kids to ask permission to ask "why" when they are asking "why" in rebellion, anger, bewilderment or any other response to our commands.  For instance, when I tell my kids it is time to go to the store and they respond "Why?"  We try to teach them that kids never have the right to demand answers from adults. They may ask if they can ask why "Mommy, may I ask why we have to go to the store now?"… and usually the answer will be yes, because we want to serve our kids by explaining things to them. However,  they shouldn't feel they have the right to an answer, and there are times when the answer is no, "I can not explain "why" to you", or "I can not explain why at the moment."   There are instances, of course, that they do not have to ask "May I ask why?", like when we are learning about something or I am teaching them something (like how to cook) and it is natural they ask why ("why do you have to beat the eggs?").  Kids learn the difference quickly between the two situations and quickly learn when they must ask if they can ask why.   It is good for them to learn to question authority with due respect, and realize they are not always entitled to answers. 


  1. Oh man how I miss the Gehards and the Lyons!! This is so great! I need to apply this myself! :)

  2. This is great! Thank you for sharing this! ♥