Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Questions to Ask During Moments of Dryness by Andrew Gutierrez

A Passion for Jesus Christ
By Andrew Gutierrez

Question to Ask During Moments of Dryness:

1) Do I have a passion to know all that I possibly can about my
Lord? Verses about his deity, prophecy about his first and second
coming, etc…

2) Do I enjoy what He enjoys and hate what he hates? Do I know
what these things are?

3) Am I excited about heaven everyday? Am I excited because He
will be there?

4) Do unbelievers or Christians outside of my local church see me
as being loyal to my Lord above any spiritual leader of mine?

Resources for Help:

1) Scripture – OT (Law, Prophets, and Psalms – Luke 24:44) NT –
Gospels, Hebrews, Epistles, Revelation

2) Books – Daily Readings from the Life of Christ by John MacArther, The
Gospel According to Jesus by John MacArther, What Jesus Demands from the World
by Piper, How to Worship Jesus Christ by Joseph Carroll, The Glory of
Christ by John Owen

3) Understand that I am prone to wander
a)Beg the Holy Spirit to keep my fixed on my Savior
b)Understand passages like John 6:66 and Revelation 2

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