Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Kalena, a Look Back at the Second Year

We can't believe that Kalena is almost 3!! Kalena is growing up to be such a thoughtful and wonderful girl. We love her more and more every day and are so blessed by her sweet presence. We pray that God will bless her life and cause her to be drawn to Himself.

Kalena's Nick Names: Nay Nay, Lena Bear, Laniers

Kalena's Favorite Foods: cheese quesadilla, apples and peanut butter, Honey Bunches of Oats with Peaches, cookies and fruit roll ups

Kalena's Favorite Books: Goodnight Sweet Butterflies, Goodnight Moon, The Tooth Book, Apples Up on Top, any books with Elmo, and a kid's anatomy and physiology book.

Kalena's Favorite Names for the New Baby: Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Shennelle

Kalena's Favorite things to do: Puzzles, make cookies with daddy, play in any kind of sand, mud, or rocks, swim (although she won't put her head under yet), read books, play games and just recently she learned how to draw pictures using the mouse on the computer with the Mac "Kid Pics" program. She also loves to watch videos on Justin's I-touch or the computer (Elmo, Veggietails, Kid Songs or Wiggles)

Kalena's budding vocabulary has given us so much laughter and has added a surprise element to each day for the past year. We are always wondering what she is going to say next. Some of our favorite phases over the past year have been:
When Kalena was learning to use words like: probably, hopefully, maybe, etc. She would use them randomly and incorrectly. It was so fun. Example: "Kalena, what cereal would you like for breakfast this morning?" "Umm hopefully I would like some Cheerios" or "Mommy, probably I would like to go outside and play." She just stuck big words in wherever she wanted to and it was hilarious!
The "in case"/ "I guess" phase. For a while Kalena continued to mix these two phrases up.
Kalena is still refusing to say "May I" or "Can I"... it is always "May can I..."
Kalena can say her "L"s but she typically doesn't unless I remind her.

These are some of my favorite Kalena quotes:
"Mommy, it is a wonderful colorful spring time day!(with extreme enthusiasm)"
While carrying a grocery bag and Kalena, she started to slide off my hip and exclaimed, "Mommy I'm dripping!"
"Mommy if you don't cuddle me for a long time then you are not being here for me" (a nightly quote)
While cuddling at bedtime,"Mommy, you are a precious girl."
Singing Jesus Loves Me "...they are week but daddys strong"
When Justin came home from work one of the first times since he has gone back to working at an office "Mommy look my daddy came home to me, he was gone a long time but he came home!"
When Justin was leaving for work "Oh mommy, are you going to miss your husband?"
"Kalena, do you want a cookie?" "Oh yes, that would be very yummy for me!"
(Kalena has been excited about her birthday for weeks, wanting a pink and purple cake. Then all of a sudden...)"Kalena, are you excited about your birthday?"
"No I don't want it to be my birthday, I want to stay this many (holding up two fingers)""Why?" "Because of the iky part. I don't want the iky part of my birthday, I don't want to be three" "What is the iky part?" "When I have to get shots from the doctor." (she remembered that she had to get shots on her birthday because back in May Sara got shots on her birthday)

Kalena and Sara have a developing friendship that is so sweet. However, when Sara learned to crawl, Kalena had a game she called "Smashing Sara". Sara would get on all fours to crawl and Kalena would put both hands on her back and say "Smash" and push Sara to the ground again. I quickly put a stop to the game but only because it wasn't nice... Sara didn't seem to mind at all. Now that Sara is walking, the two chase each other around the house saying "Boo" and Kalena tickles Sara. They both think it is hilarious. Many days are filled with the two doing something silly and giggling together. It is precious! They are learning how to share toys which is fun to see but challenging at times. Kalena loves Sara so much and is always helping me take care of her. She holds her sippy for her to take drinks, gives her crackers, cleans her messes and helps wipe her mouth. Lately she has been playing Dr. with Sara and checking her with a play stethoscope. She often imitates how I interact with Sara by saying things like "Don't cry sweet pea, it's OK I'm here with you." Several times I have caught Kalena holding Sara's hand in their car seats while Sara sleeps. When we were camping this summer, they fell asleep together with Kalena's arm around Sara. Kalena is a great big sister already!

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  1. What a doll! She is looking like her mamma these days ! Miss u all