Friday, September 4, 2009

Sara: 16 Months Old Today!

Happy 16 month birthday to our little Sara Bear!
Sara's nick names: Sara Bear, the bear, buggie boo, nugget (Kalena likes to call her "Saria" Im not sure where that came from :)
Sara is growing up so fast and we are so blessed by her beautiful little smile and deviously funny personality! She is scrumptiously squishy and kissable. Sara is always wanting to play a game (usually peek-a-boo or tickle monster), always wanting to laugh and smile, always wanting some "Yum Yumms" (something to eat), and always wanting to climb higher on top of things and open things. Everything she sees Kalena doing she tries too. She is tough, and not easily scared. Kalena often times "huggs" Sara but it is more of a tackle that sends them both to the floor and Sara usually loves it. Often throughout the day Kalena will make a noise or do something silly that will make Sara laugh. They will repeat whatever is funny hundreds of times, laughing more and more each time. Sara Loves Kalena always wants to play in the same room with her.

Another nick name of Sara's is trouble. She loves to get into all kinds of trouble whether getting stuck in a drawer, or emptying a drawer, she is always up to something. I have caught Sara ontop of many things in our house: boxes, chairs, a kids table, and recently she loves to climb inside the bathtub and play with the toys when there is no water in it. As I type she just got stuck in the laundry hamper but managed to get out without help. When we were in a hotel just this past month, I heard her crying and peeked from the bathroom to the main room where I left Sara on the Bed. Sara was on top of a fairly tall nightstand, fighting for space with a big lamp. My camera was right on the bed, and surprisingly I was able to get a pic then grab her before anyone/thing got injured :)

Sara is about 29 inches tall and weighs about 23 lbs. She wears size 4 diapers.

Sara's Favorite Foods: cereal, malt-o-meal, fruit (esp Bananas), chicken, spaghetti

Sara's favorite Books: Elmo Peek-a-Boo, Pat the Bunny, Baby's First Words

Sara can now say: Mommy, Daddy, yea, no, yumm yumm, uhh ohh, oooouuuch, boo boo, I wa (I want- we are working on changing that to "may I"), sippy, ba boo (bottle), book, shoe, ball, bubbles, apple, Mo Mo (elmo), hello? (when she picks up a cell phone), bye bye, puppy, side (meaning outside), and she says the noises for a sheep (baaa baaa), puppy (arf), Kitty (meowww), fish (blub blub?) and cow (mooo). There may be more, I feel like she says something new every day. I am positive she tried to say strawberry yesterday!

Sara has a fascination with headbands, hats and hoods. I find her often walking around the house with a headband or hat on and is is delighted when you hand her something that is clearly for her head. She gets real excited and works for a long time to get it just right on her head. My best head band story so far is from today. I was in the hardware store looking at the vacuums. I knew the girls were right at my feet but I hadn't glanced at them in a couple minuets. When I looked down, Sara had ripped open a plastic bag containing a small vacuum belt (I guess that was what it was.. rubber) and had put it on her head like a headband. It was a perfect fit! She was very pleased with herself :)

Sara is a snuggle bear! She loves to cuddle. Our bed time routine is so sweet and one of my favorite parts of the day. We get into the rocking chair with a bottle and/or book and rock and cuddle. Then I lay her in her crib. Sara usually doesn't cry at bedtime, she just lays down, sucks her thumb and looks up at me. I rub her head, belly and legs for several minuets (usually i give her little legs a squeeze to make her giggle, she is extremely ticklish), then say "night night Sara, I love you." She is asleep within minuets.

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