Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Katelyn Anna Lyon has arrived!

We're a bit late on the blog update, but unfortunately Kaiser Walnut Creek didn't have wi-fi! Katelyn was born at 2:14am on Sunday, November 29th! God was so merciful and gracious to provide a very quick delivery, family in town to take care of Kalena and Sara, and so many good friends to visit with while in the hospital.

In fact, really good friends of ours, Peter & Lisa Maclennan, had their daughter Emelia the day before us and were just a few steps away from us in the Mom & Baby wing! It was really fun sharing the joy of newborns together, and they were so cute when we put them next to each other in a bassinet.

Jenny and Katelyn are doing great at home, now, and we're so glad to be back together as a family. With flu season in full force, the hospital wouldn't let anyone under 14 or with any symptoms in the hospital, so we had to be without the girls for a couple of days, and that was the hardest thing!

Katelyn also has a little jaundice and she might have to be readmitted to the hospital if that doesn't improve. We will keep you up to date and try to post more pictures as we are able. We thank God for His goodness expressed through all your love and care for us!