Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our 4 Year Old!

Kalena turned four last month!! She has started some new activities this year like Awana at church, and "school" at home with me. We are having a blast with her and her maturing vocabulary and mental capacity. She has begun to ask more in depth questions about life, which is fun. Not too long ago we started a conversation about princesses. She asked me why some people are princesses, kings and queens. We got into an extensive conversation that even included taxes and what happens when we die.
Kalena is still a cuddler. I love to snuggle her. My favorite thing is when she hugs me and puts her head right next to mine and she says "I just want you mommy!" I want her too, all the time. I always want to be playing, talking, reading and doing art with her, it is so much fun. I am so blessed to be Kalena's mommy and I am not looking forward to her going to school next year. Maybe she won't. Maybe we will do home-school through college and she will just stay with me for the rest of her life. I would love it :)
Kalena loves her sisters so much. She plays with them, makes them laugh, and helps me take care of them. She tells me she wants more little sisters. Not boys, however, because she thinks that boys don't love Jesus. I tried to help her understand boys are just different and many of them do love Jesus :) (and she thinks the world of her daddy) but she still just wants more sisters.
I love Kalena more than I could ever write. I pray earnestly to the Lord to protect her and to save her at an early age. There is nothing I want more for her than to walk in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be all the glory for what a wonderful little person she is. I pray with my whole heart that she will come to know the full knowledge of the truth of the Gospel and character of our Great God! Thank you God for the wonderful gift of Kalena.

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  1. What a sweetly encouraging writing, my friend! It really inspires me to pray more deeply for Lilyan. I confess I haven't prayed enough! Thank you for posting this! I remember when Kalena was still growing in your lovely belly! Wow....four years...that is crazy! Thank you for your love for your daughter. I love you.