Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sara Bear

Our sweet squishy smily Sara is now 2 1/2! This half a year has flown by! Sara still such a funny little girl, always trying to make us laugh. She wants to play games and be tickled all day long. Her new favorite word is "usually" and she uses it frequently. I was making asparagus and Sara came in the kitchen to see what I was doing. When she saw what I was making was green, she asked what it was. I said it was asparagus and she said "Mom, I don't like es scary gas." Then when Lisa (our neighbor and dear friend) was trying to get her to eat it she exclaimed "I usually don't like asparagus." She is just so funny because she is so talkative and has so much to say about everything! We are constantly amazed that she can articulate her thoughts so well. When she gets really excited about something, she gets so overwhelmed that she can't speak in coherent sentences and she raises her little hands up by her face and waves them around. It is so cute and funny and I just can not contain myself when she is in this state. It is simply hilarious.
Every time she goes down for a nap or bedtime, she wants me to cuddle her. She still sucks her thumb and plays with her belly button to sooth herself, but she has also added pressing her belly up against anything cold. This sounds weird... and it is :) When she gets tired and starts sucking her thumb and playing with her belly she will go up to the wall, lift up her shirt and press her belly against it. While lying in bed she will roll over to the wall and lie flat against it to feel it cool against her belly. I typically have cold hands and especially now as the weather is changing, my hands are always cold. So, it has become routine that when I cuddle her, I press a cold hand against her warm little belly. She smilies and puts her little hand on top of mine. She is so precious.
I pray for my sweet Sara Bear to be able to use her humor and spunky personality for the Lord. I pray she will become excited about worshiping our great God and that her energizer bunny demeanor will never go away but will be used mightily for the sake of God and the Gospel. I pray that Sara will have a love for Jesus Christ that is greater than mine. Thank you God for the gift of Sara Grace!!!

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