Sunday, June 19, 2011

18 Months Old!!

Katelyn: AKA: Katie, Sugar, KK, Baby-Kate, Katie-Cat, Katie-Pops

Sweet Katelyn is now a year and a half. She is now not just walking and climbing, but trying hard to run and keep up with her sisters. She has really started to say a lot of words recently too and has started to put two words together like "More Please" and "Hi Daddy!" She adores her big sisters and calls Sara "SAAAA", and Kalena "Na na." She has a lot of energy and is a very loud, vocal child, but has a sweet soft cuddly side too. Katelyn is our most cuddly baby, never missing a chance to snuggle her face into Justin and I. She will just sit motionless on my lap for what feels like hours. So often I think she is sleeping but she is wide awake, just snuggling.

Katelyn's favorite foods are fruit (of any kind) and meat (of any kind). She would also eat every bag and box of raisins in the entire house if I let her. She loves books and balls and running free outside. She also loves bath time and really anything that has to do with playing with water (occasionally this includes the toilet, which unfortunately I have to discipline her for).

It has been so fun to watch Katelyn in the last few months. She seems to understand more and more of what I say to her. She has started to understand the words obedience and patience, and it won't be long before she will start to be able to understand biblical concepts such as "selfless" and "peacemaker". I am so thankful for the Bible, and it's clear guide to parenting. Scripture gives me hope and peace when in the midst of these amazingly impressionable years of my children's lives. I think without God and His word to us, I would feel completely overwhelmed at the task of training my children's hearts. Instead I feel the opposite. Excitement... joy... eagerness... and confidence in Christ alone as I "train up my children in the way they should go."

Katelyn brings us more and more joy everyday. Her developing capability to show love to me by hugging my neck and repeating "Mamma" in an affectionate tone is something I will always cherish about her and her sweet, tender heart and are my favorite moments each day with her.

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