Saturday, June 16, 2012

Five and a Half!

Kalena is growing up so fast! It has been hard to keep up with her (literally as now she rides SUPER fast on her new bike). She has finished her year in Kindergarden, lost two teeth, and gotten glasses all in the last few months. She is quite an avid reader now and reads to us every night before bed.

Here are some of Kalena's thoughts about her new bike: "Mommy, I want to just stay out here FOREVER and ride my bike!!" "My bike is like 100 toys all in one." "Mommy... this is exhaustingly fun!"

I love it when Kalena gets hurt (and is crying) while hugging and consoling her she also rubs and pats my back too. It is precious.

I love it when Kalena is trying hard to make a decision, and she always asks me "which one would you pick?" or "What do you think I should do?" It has been fun to think of creative ways to teach her how to make good decisions and I hope she never looses her desire to seek council.

I love it when one of her brothers or sisters goes too close to the street or a pool and Kalena becomes so extremely worried that she just can't handle it. She panics! It just shows me how deeply she loves them.

I love that almost every night Kalena asks me to massage her back and wants to cuddle. We have so many wonderful conversations at night in bed. She is so much fun to talk to.

I love her sweet smile, giggle and laugh.

After Mark and Emily's wedding, late at night, Kalena sat with me on my bed and picked out all the bobby pins from my hair (there were quiet a few). She was so sweet and gentle, and seemed so grown up. We both had so much fun, talking and giggling... it was such a sweet time we shared and I will never forget it. I am so thankful to God for this sweet little girl who is also becoming such a wonderful companion and friend.  I love you Kalena. More than words can say. 

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