Wednesday, July 9, 2014


As I look back on housing situations in the past for Justin and I, it is impossible not to see the providence of God. Currently, we have been so blessed by my sister's in-laws, and been given the opportunity to live in a wonderful duplex. It is not far from our life and friends.  It has a front and backyard with a place we were able to put a tree fort and a fun swing. God has blessed us so richly in our housing needs ever since we were married. Early in our marriage we lived downtown and next door to my childhood best friend and her husband. Then we moved to LA. We stayed in motels for a bit and then were taken in by a couple at our church with a beautiful home and an in-law unit for us. We then were able to buy our house next door to our church. Grace Church is said to be the Disneyland of Christianity. It was amazing.  The amount of joy, worship and fellowship that happened at our home next door to Grace was unbelievable. We named our second daughter Sara Grace. When we moved back, we were able to live just blocks from my parents, which is the home we were in when Katie was born.  Then we moved next door to our amazing friends the Maclennans (I'm not making this up... It's unreal) then, we had to move and found a place we LOVED... and my sister and her husband moved in next door to us!!! This was the place we brought Andrew home to. What a whirlwind of blessing upon blessing. Just when we were feeling the urge for more space, my sister's in-laws called and offered to let us rent their 3 bedroom duplex within our budget.
(my favorite quote from Steve, my sister's father in law, "We are not on this earth to make money.") 
So here we are, in a smallish town that we love, with a beautiful home we don't deserve. We have beautiful views of the mountains and the sunsets.  I have no idea how long we will be able to stay here... but I do know this: God has and always will provide for us. We praise him and thank Him for such kindness, and we are at peace with...and are excited for...whatever he provides next.

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