Thursday, July 10, 2014

Andrew is almost 3!

3!!! I can't even imagine life without our sweet Andrew! He comes to give me huggs probably 50 times a day. Despite his sweetness, Bubba is helping to bring manliness into the household as well. He loves drums, guitars, super heroes, firetrucks, garbage trucks, and all other trucks. His favorite colors are red (for firetrucks) green (for Green Lantern) and blue because Daddy likes it. He loves loud things and breaking things. However, he doesn't like to be dirty at all. He will change his clothes and wash his hands repeadidly to stay clean. He is the cuddliest of all our kids and is always wanting to snuggle. He loves all boys (Bampi, all his uncles) and is so happy to have two boy cousins, Sam and Max. He also loves his sisters like crazy and is always playing with them. We thank God for giving us this sweet and sensitive little guy. Justin and I are still in shock that we have a boy... and we are loving every second with him! 
Bubba's first taste of Jello! ^ He loved it!

This is called "Daddy playground"

Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet boy!

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  1. What a precious boy!! I can't believe he is 3. How time flies . Miss you all!