Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Art Wall

Every once in a while the school displayes some art in the office. We are not the most artistically bent family, in terms of printed art. I don't even check the board. But a friend emailed me these photos. We got on the board! Way to go Kalena! 
This makes me think about the searies our pastor is doing right now about spiritual gifts. It has been so eye opening and refreshing to learn so much about the gifts and using them. Some of my favorite things I've been reminded of: If we are not using our gifts, the body of Christ does not function properly. Your gifts are not a gift to you to sit back and admire, but they are accually a gift to the church. We say "my spiritual gifting" but it's not yours at all. It is ment to be for others. 
Spiritual gifts are not your natural talents. Although your talents can be used for the Lord, spiritual gifts are clearly stated in scripture. Music abilities, physical abilities ect are talents from the Lord and can be used in conjunction with your gifts, but are not your gifts. Also, the gifts of toungues, healing and miracles were all mentioned in the first era of the very first church in order for people to know the power behind the gospel, but then Paul does not mention them again as he further instructs churches. If they were to be still practiced, there is no way he would have left them out of his comprhensive teachings on the subject. These miraculous gifts would have been among the ones he listed. I was glad to get complete clarity on that subject. Although I didn't explain it all well just now, Jon did do a fabulous job of explaining it. I am so thankful for Jon and Kent and my amazing husband, who so faithfully study God's Word so people like me can understand it. I thank God for all the resources we have to truly study and understand what God is saying to us. I am also thankful that He gives us what we need to be a part of His church and to thrive in it... And it makes no difference if you are a one gift or a many gifted one. Striving with everything you have to use whatever he has given you for His glory is the goal. 
Kalena, this is beautiful. It is also beautiful to watch how hard you work everyday to do your best with what God has given you. I love you.

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