Friday, November 28, 2014


These two were sick through thanksgiving. We still had a great thanksgiving with G-ma here, with lots of turkey and other wonderful food. Kalena braved through a temperature of 104 last night like a champ. I was so proud of her and they way she handled it.

G-ma, Daddy, Andrew and Katie went to get the Christmas tree today and Kalena and Sara stayed with me. They had never before seen a hideaway bed come out of a couch. I had never before had reason to take the bed out, or thought to even to explain that it was there.  I was setting them up to watch a movie, and decided to pull the hideaway bed out for them to lay on together. Their reaction was priceless. At first they were confused... What was I talking about and why was I taking the couch pillows off.... turning the couch into a bed? It seemed so wierd.  Then when I pulled the bed out and unfolded it to reveal a beautiful full mattress their reaction was so sweet. They just gasped in silence and looked at each other amazed. It was so simple and silly on one hand, but one of those sweet moments I will always remember. I can't put into words how much I love my kids and love watching them learn and explore. I feel so blessed this thanksgiving that God has given me these four wonderful children that are such treasures. I am truly loving and cherishing each moment of their childhood and I wish it would last forever. I am one SEARIOUSLY blessed Mamma!

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