Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 and 1/2!

Sara Grace is now 3 and 1/2!! She is growing taller although she is still short for her age, and Katelyn is catching up quick. Sara is so happy and smily. She loves to sing and is a really good singer. She is always more on key than Kalena or I!! Her recent favorite song is O Holy Night, which she loved to watch various singers on YouTube sing it over and over again. Her all time favorite song is You are My Sunshine, which she and Daddy sing to each other on a daily basis. Sara loves bumble bees and has a favorite stuffed animal bumble bee named Zipps. Sara is our little Sunshine and we love her so much. She brings us so much joy!

Sara talkes a lot about God these days, and I love that she is getting older and able to understand more concepts in depth. Her little brian is always on and eger to learn and discuss everything. She loves her AWANA cubbies class and is very good at memorizing her verses. She loves it when I turn music on she dances like a ballerina. She is starting to read now and is always asking me how to spell words. The other day she asked me if Andrew has two Os at the end of his name :) She still doesn't say her "r"s when she speaks, and it is so funny... people always comment that she sounds like she is from Brooklyn :) We love her little accent and will be sad when it goes away!

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