Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our First Fracture

Sara got the prize for the first fracture in the family. Justin was throwing the girls into a pile of leaves and Sara landed on her outstretched left arm. She cried for an extended period of time (15 min) so Justin and I knew right away something was wrong. She was also immediately reluctant to move it. I rushed her into the ER where she continued to cry for about 2 hours as I held her and cradled her arm in mine. The X-rays were the worst part as the required her to straiten it out. However, after about 2 hours of crying, and a large dose of Tylonal, the worst pain seemed to pass and she fell asleep in my arms. When they held her arm bent to put the cast on, she didn't seem to mind much. I was so thankful that it was not worse. It did not require any surgery or re-placement. It was a somewhat strait line fracture across the bottom of the humerus right above the elbow.
This was the worst pain any of my kids have ever experienced. Especially the drive to the hospital, poor little Sara was in agony with every shift of the car's movement. I have wondered how I would feel during something like this, and it was as I thought. My entire body ached along with her. When it first happened and I knew it was broken, I felt lightheaded and sick to my stomach. There is such an amazing bond between this sweet little person and I that I could feel her pain and it was as if my entire being was broken along with her. It gave me a new awareness and empathy with parents with hurting and sick children, and I pray God would allow me to know how to comfort parents going through hard and painful times with their children. It also reminded me that God always has a reason to bring Christians into the hospital. While I was there I saw so many suffering. We need to bring the light of Jesus to the hospital somehow. I am eger to explore the opportunities that our church might have in the future to reach out into the community hospitals in our area. Praise God for sicknesses and injures that force us into this dark place and allow us to love on the other people there. Sara and I pray for the man, Justin, who put her cast on. We gave him a "Why Christianity" tract and pray he would come to a saving faith in Jesus.

Of course, our little sunshine picked yellow when she got the option of a color for her cast. Her favorite color has been yellow ever since she could say the word. AND... of course no cast at Christmas is complete without a signature from Santa!

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