Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mess Monster

We have been calling Katlyn a "monster" lately. She is my adventurous, independent, tornado of a child who I can't leave alone for more than 3.2 min before something disadvantageous to the house or others begins to happen. Yesterday I put her up at the bathroom sink, filled it half way and plugged it for some water play. She was happily playing with her dolphins in the sink. YES... there is nothing that could go wrong here, (toothbrushes and candle way in the back of the counter.. if they went swimming... then so be it, it wouldn't damage anything and worth drying them off for the 1/2 hr of mess free entertainment they might provide) the only thing she could do would be to spill water on the floor that needed desperately to be mopped anyway. I was finally able to have some worry free moments to tity up my messy bedroom. (taking a writing break to clean my glass of water she just dumped over on the kitchen table) I heard the water running so went back into the bathroom. (A sweet smell caught my nose and for a split second thought yumm, smells good!! UH OH!!, sented toddlers usually means trouble!)... the cinnamon apple pie candle was in the sink. The sink was unplugged and she had turned the water on warmish/hot. The warm water had melted the wax of the candle and she was digging for gold through the bright red sweet smelling wax. The wax had melted all over the dolphin toys and other bath toys I had given her to play with and was on her face and clothes. (clumps were streaming down the drain, oh my.. how do you unclog a wax plug from your drain?! never thought of that one... it will eventually harden somewhere down the pipe! Wenslawski's, plug your ears as I am sure apple pie wax is not good for "the system" :) Worse... the toothbrushes on the counter were swimming in a mix of warm water and apple pie wax, with the wax gooping within the bristles of the brushes.(the lyon fam should have some nice smelling breath for a while!) So... there you have it. My mess monster story for the day, and as I type she is currently unraveling all my dental floss. What is it with dental floss? They all love it!

Regardless of the messes and ruined household items, I couldn't love my free spirited girl more. She is such a joy and makes every moment of the day more exciting. I love Katelyn Anna and can't imagine how much fun and joy she will continue to bring us if God will allow. I pray He will allow me to keep her safe!

Picture courtesy of the hot pink sharpie she recently got ahold of.

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