Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kz Tour

Justin was blessed this summer to be able to go visit partners we have in Kz.  There was a four day bike tour, that some of our partners host every year. They invited Justin to be a part of it. They coached Justin's training for about 4 months prior to the trip, going on rides of 20- 30 miles. His last ride was around Lake Tahoe during family camp, which is about  70 miles. He borrowed a bike while he was there, and went on the tour with the 15 other men (a few parnters and the rest Kz men).   He was able to encourage our partners, and build new fun friendships with some national Kz men. Justin had a great time... they they rode through rain and they even rode 100 miles one day!  Some of the wives and children followed them in vans with tents and food. They camped on the side of the road and the wives cooked for them. I was so proud of him because I am sure at times it was very hard! It is exciting to see the Lord working in this part of the unreached world. 

Praise God for the Kz Tour, our partners there who work so hard for the gospel there, and for the blessing of bike riding!!

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