Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pajama Ride!

I thought I should document our first "Pajama Ride." It was stupendous. We are reading through Diciplines of a Godly Family by Kent Huges with our Community Group, and the book enlightened us to this fun idea for the family... called a Pajama Ride.  Here is how it goes. When all the kids are in their P.J.s and tucked into bed, mommy and daddy line all their shoes up at the front door (slip on ones are best).  The lights are all out, but you can hear whispering and you know no one is asleep. Then, mommy and daddy come running into the kids room with cheers of excitement yelling, "Pajama Ride!!" We flip on the lights, grab all the kids out of their beds, and rush out the door and into the car. We don't tell them were we are going but we end up at a place where we get something yummy to eat (yogurt, ice-cream... the book suggests a Fosters Freeze) Our kids thought this was the greatest thing in the world (and why wouldn't they!) It will be a good way to bond as a family and create fun memories several times a year. Here is the picture: Kalena and Sara are so excited they are screaming at the top of their lungs, Katelyn is still trying to figure out what is going on and why she is in the car instead of her bed and what all the screaming is about, and Andrew is just still trying to finish his bottle, although he was so pleased with the cryes of delight and joined in whole heartedly! Fun times!!


  1. SO fun!! i loved that book and forgot about that idea. ok i am going to plan this for our family :) love it!! thanks for the reminder!!