Monday, September 17, 2012

Six Years Old!

Kalena is six today. When I kissed her goodnight, for the last time as a 5 year old, I pretended to cry. She laughed and thought it was funny...but the truth is that I was really fighting back tears.  Our pastor said recently that families with small children are in the best years of their lives. I believe it. We have so much fun everyday and are always so sad to say goodnight. Kalena fills our lives with sweetness, laughter, cuddles, fun and excitement. We praise God for this last year with her. So much has happened! She passed kindergarden (whew!), learned how to ride a bike, learned how to swim, and has now started to thrive in 1st grade.  She is writing sentences, reading long words, and is a wiz kid when it comes to memorizing her verses! She has such a sweet and tender heart when it comes to caring for Katelyn and Andrew and helping me around the house. I love this little girl with all my heart and having her gone all day in 1st grade is more than I can handle!! My heart breaks everyday she waves goodbye. I strive to pray for her constantly throughout my day. I pray that God will shape her and mold her into a woman who is pleasing to Him. I pray that she will honor and worship Jesus, and be able to point others towards Him. 

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