Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Dear Sisters,
I would like to tell you about what the resolved conference is all about. This was a conference that doesn’t have a fancy location, there is no gourmet food prepared for you, and there are no fun games planned. This is a conference for only those who would like to be bombarded for an entire weekend with the Word of God by some of the best theologians of our day. It seems the more we hear scripture speak about the Lord and serving Him, the more our souls are impacted and changed, and the fire inside our hearts burns brighter for HIM. Resolved for me was a bombardment on my soul for true change and true determination and “resolve” in my life to live entirely devoted to Christ every minuet. Nine amazing sermons in one weekend hit my heart like a ton of bricks, and I walked away a totally changed woman. My resolve has never been so strong for Christ. I don’t attribute this entirely to Resolved, but I say thank you to my pastors (John McNeff, Chris Brunzyleele, Doug Stolhand, Kirt Gebhards, Adam Chiappelone and John McAurther) for bringing me to a place were this conference stirred in my heart a RESOLUTION to live for Christ that is now more than ever, impenetrable.

-Written after Resolved 2006, the weekend I found out I was pregnant with Kalena. The following 4 months were some of the hardest times I have ever faced in my life. God had prepared me!

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