Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our little Clepto

Sara is an amazing baby. Since she was really little she has had amazing dexterity with her fingers. She can grasp just about anything, get things open, out, off... you name it. While walking around the house holding her, it is not uncommon for her to surprise me, having something in her hand I didn't know she had picked up. She has even pulled glued labels off and is very agile in reaching far under the couch and other furniture to find things to eat. Once Sara was sitting too close (unknown to me) to a nicely prepared dinner at the table. I looked over and saw her with a big chicken breast in her hand, chomping away. To my shame I have a list of things we have found Sara eating... a common phrase around the house "SARA... WHAT ARE YOU EATING??" (as we rush to her and do the dreaded finger scoop through the mouth) Some things we have found Sara eating, and I believe she has actually ingested: Tags, tissue, string, recipes, a glued label she picked off a snow sled, a lemon stem (she picked off herself), leaves, dirt, hair rubber bands, hair (and yes... I have found a hairball in her poop), magazines, coupons, book pages, and toilet paper. Sara is a little bundle of energy and joy that keeps us on our toes!!

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