Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bath Confetti and Poison Control!

While on the phone with my mother-in-law today, little Sara came crying to me sticking out her tongue. I swiped my finger across her tongue and got a pice of hair but that didn't seem to do make her feel better, she continued to cry and point to her mouth. I got down on her level thinking I would shine a light in her mouth to find a hair bothering her or something... when I smelled a strange fruity smell. I looked at her curiously and she again pointed to her mouth and cried.. this time she said "flower". I knew instantly that she had eaten something strange and I ran to the bathroom where purple and white flowered bath confetti was spread all over the floor. I found the container (It previously was a tightly screwed lid with plastic shrink wrap around it!! I would have had to use scissors!!) Only about half of it was on the floor... the other half I am assuming went in Sara's mouth. I figured she would be ok, but since she was really upset, I decided to call the poison control to see what would be the best thing to wash it down with. The lady who took my call was very sweet and laughed along with me about my precious little trouble maker. She told me to give her milk and juice and that in the next hour Sara might vomit or have diarrhea. Thankfully she did neither but she did make quite a fuss for about an hour. Never underestimate the power of the Sara Bear!


  1. O my! That is crazy!!! So glad Sara is ok!!!

  2. OMGosh, Jenny! I am glad she is okay, but she is a clever little sweet heart...like her mommy and daddy and Auntie Myia and Uncle Casey! Meanwhile, thanks for posting the remedy along with the cause of her discomfort! I remember you talking to her during our conversation and I feel like a co-conspirator in Sara Bear's plight! You are so right! Never underestimate that clever little Sara! Hugs of relief from Gma! Oh, and please forgive my part in this calamady! xoxoxxox