Sunday, January 3, 2010


We had a wonderful Christmas this year! We started in Santa Barbara with Jusitn's extended family at the Holly Oaks Estate. Every year this is one of our hilights of the Christmas season. It was particullary fun to have 3 pregnant cousins there! This was also Katelyn's first time meeting a lot of the family. Then we drove to S.D. to spend some time with Justin's family which, like always, was a blast! We ate a ton and had a lot of fun with a book exchange at Justin's Dad's house and a wonderful homemade pizza feast at his mom's (including a christmas poem from 7 year old Myia Lyon, thanks to Michael's brilliance :)... hilarious. After that, on the 24th, we made our way up to Oak Hurst where we spent Christmas swimming in an amazing indoor pool and being pampered by the Best Western Yosemite Gateway Inn. The pool was on one side of our room and a neat playground/BBQ and little forest was on the other. We spend several days swimming and playing on the playground and forest (a toddlers dream) and Justin even cooked us up some amazing turkey burgers on the BBQ. We then moved on a little closer to Yosemite to the Tanaya Lodge. This was fun because it was in the snow. The girls loved playing in the snow! We swam more, ate more great food and even got to go to a "story time" at the lodge, which Kalena loved! It was a great trip, and Justin and I had such fun relaxing and talking about how we can make this year better than last. We made some new years resolutions that we have been faithful to so far. (Ok, its only been 3 days :) 1. To have a family daily reading time every morning that includes Justin or I reading the Bible to the girls. 2. To have a family worship time at least once a week. 3. I (jenny) will not eat anything that is supposed to be dessert except on holidays (including birthdays) and small group nights. (the lemon bar at church this morning was a breakfast food, right?) We really want God to be more glorified in our own lives personally and in our family. I pray God will enlighten us to more new years resolutions that will change our lives in this direction throughout the new year. Yeah 2010... bring it on!!!!
Sara was very apprehensive at first in the pool because she hasn't swam since she was a little baby. She was scared of the water and even more afraid when Justin would go underwater. She would reach for him and cry... asking him "Daddy OK? Daddy OK?" It was so sad!! As you can see in the pictures though, she soon got very used to it and now loves to swim!!
 She didn't even mind having her head dunked!

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