Sunday, January 3, 2010

Road Trips and Bodily Fluids!

Our Christmas road trip was quite the experience. We laughed about it then and we laugh about it now. We can't explain all the throw-up, they weren't sick other than having slight coughs, maybe car sickness? I have recounted the yuckey car trip facts below the pictures.  (I had to include these amazing shots of one amazing Dad. At the end of our road trip we took a little time at a Carls Jr. playground... to my surprise, when Sara cried because she was too small to go into the play structure... daddy came to the rescue!! I have a lot of respect for Justin, this structure looked like a claustrophobic nightmare... and you couldn't have paid me to go up there! If you look closely you can see Justin and Sara peeking through the windows! He is sure a super-dad!)


On the way to Santa Barbara:
Kalena threw-up twice
Sara spilt milk all over her and I, and all over Carls Jr.
Sara peed while I attempted to deck change her on the back bumper (no luggage affected thankfully, just
       my boots.)
Katelyn Pooped about 20 times.
On the way from Santa Barbara to L.A.
Sara threw up twice (and once in the night while we were there)
On the way to Yosemite:
Sara threw up once (and once in the night while we were there)
Katelyn pooped all the way through her outfit and up her back (and this is all not including the many times she spit up in her car seat through the entire road trips!)
On the way from Yosemite home:
Nothing out of the ordinary!... praise the Lord!!

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