Thursday, March 4, 2010

Almost Two!

In several months our Sara Bear will turn into a little girl! It is not likely she will have lost her baby chub and baby face that soon though. She is still our little baby who's cheeks we can't resist pinching and kissing constantly. Sara is the happiest little baby, we really can't imagine her any happier. She constantly has a smile and is quick to laugh at everything and anything. She adores Kalena, and the two of them have so much fun playing together. Their favorite thing to do is run around and chase each other, giggling and squealing with laughter. Sara loves puppies and gets really excited every time she sees one. She hyperventilates with excitement every morning we have Raisen Bran because there is a picture of a puppy on the box. I always cut it out for her and she likes to carry it around for the rest of the day.

Sara has had a blooming vocabulary for the past five months (since about the beginning of October and it is now March). She is now constantly stringing sentences of 5+ words together all throughout the day. She can't say her K and C sounds so she substitutes the T sound for them and she has a lisp when she attempts the S sound. My favorite phrase she says now (imitating Kalena) is at night when she asks me "Tan you Tuddle me?" She also calls Kalena "Taina" and Katelyn "tatelyn"
Recently when Kalena was done on the potty, and Kalena called from the bathroom to tell me she was done, Sara responded first with what I usually say "OK, wait for me to wipe you." Sara also imitates Kalena when looking at and playing with Katelyn she will exclaim "She smiled at me!" She used the word "those" for the first time last week when she pointed to some cookies and said "I want some of those." It is funny to be able to get sentences out of such a young little person. Kalena was later to develop sentences that are as long as Sara's. I have learned a lot about what is going on in the mind of a 22 month old. She frequently talks to inanimate objects. Today she was maneuvering around some big balls in our cousin's yard and she said "excuse me balls". When we were looking at the clouds today she reached up to them and said "I can't reach them!" She also like to announce to every person in the house when she wakes up, and always with a huge smile, "Daddy, I'm awake, Mommy, I'm awake!" She is a morning person extraordinaire. She is really just such a happy baby that even if I wake her up in the middle of the night (during road trips and such) she is just very happy and greets me with a smile every time.
Sara has also mastered the somersault, and is a very good climber. She is very strong and really tough when she falls. She is a wild woman when we go to the park!
Sara really is truly happy to be alive, and she makes us all happier every day. We just really can't stand how cute, sweet and fun she is!

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