Friday, March 19, 2010

Conversations with Kalena

Mommy: Kalena, what would you like for breakfast?
Kalena: Rice Beefys
Mommy: ummmm Rice Beefys? Hummmmm
Kalena: You know, that we make treats out of...
Mommy: Ohh Rice Crispies?
Kalena: yes
(later that morning)
Kalena: I love Rice Beefys

"Mommy, can we turn Sara into a boy.... because I want a little brother."

I stuck my head into where Kalena and her friend Zoe were playing;
Mommy: What are you guys doing?
Kalena: This is baby Jesus (holding up a baby doll with a pink onsie on)
Zoe: We are taking baby Jesus to the hospital to get a heart surgery.

Kalena's Questions:
"Mommmy, who spanks you when you have a bad attitude?"
"Why are there bad people?"
"How do big people get disciplined?"

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