Friday, March 19, 2010

Converstations with Sara at 23 months old

(Kalena calls out from the bathroom: Mommy, Im done going poopoos!)
Sara yells in response: Ok, wait for me to come and wipe you!

M: Sara what would you like for breakfast?
S: Actually...(with a dramatic pause) I want Cheerioes.

"Mommy, your my precious girl!"

"Can you talk the titty tat?" (Sara doesn't say the "C/K" sound yet. She constantly wants us to talk for stuffed animals and puppets, she will then respond with another animal in the same high pitched pretend voice that we use)

"Im happy. Mommy, Im so happy. (she giggles and grins proudly, then exclaims "Im happy!" about 20 more times)

Sara's favorite songs to sing: Tomorrow (from Annie), Away in a Manger, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

"Mommy, look, my seahorse!" Sara's favorite toy is a stuffed seahorse that plays music. EVERY time she sees it she gets excited.

My personal favorite Sara quote: "Tan you tuddle me?" Which she askes EVERY night without fail! We love to tuddle!!

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