Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kalena's First Day of School

Kalena started school this year at NorthCreek Academy. Her first day of school was so much fun and was loaded with emotion for Justin and I as we said goodbye to our little girl for the first time. Gone are my carefree days where every minuet is spent having fun with no thought of school bells and uniforms. Fortunately she only goes to school from 9-12:30, so we have the rest of the day together. I will cherish these days with her, knowing that next year she will be gone all day. The thought of it makes my heart so sad!!

I started thinking through all the ways I want to spiritually prepare my kids for school. Here are the areas I want to teach through with them every year before starting school, and throughout the year: obedience right away all the way with a happy heart, how to be a peacemaker, why we strive for knowledge (Proverbs), gossip, understanding appropriate behavior and inappropriate behavior... I am sure I will update this posting through the year when things come up.

I pray, as my little girl begins her school days, that she will be trained up in godliness, and that schooling will be refining, sanctifying and that we will all grow closer to the Lord though it. I pray she will gain the wisdom that leads to godliness.

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