Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Ladybug Birthday!

Our sweet Kalena has turned 5!! We had a wonderful Ladybug birthday party on September 17th... complete with 1500 live ladybugs, complements of Kalena's uncle Mark. The party started with Scruffy the "puppet with a heart" and Justin doing a little biblical counseling lesson for the kiddoes (...check out, Scruffy has a heart/pocket on a string that you can pull out of him and put things in. It is a great way to tangibly teach kids about their own hearts) Certain yummy tasting delights, along with scripture, were flowing out of Scruffy and the kids loved it! Then we did some games, crafts, ladybug cupcakes and an aphid piñata. We did not have a ladybug piñata because that would have been horrible to hit a ladybug with a stick.. but ladybugs eat aphids, so it was a very appropriate to have a little green monster (we called an aphid) as the piñata. We are so thankful to all our family who helped out (and contributed the live bugs :) Grammy had yummy sandwiches for all the adults, mark got drinks, Emily helped decorate, Hannah and Jessie helped babysit... it was a fantastic day!

Kalena was so excited to turn five. She is so full of energy and curiosity. I love every minuet with our sweet five year old! I wish every day would just slow down so that I can just sit and cuddle and talk for hours with her!

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