Friday, March 9, 2012


Our little Buddy is 7 months old now and moving around the house with ease! He started crawling and quickly learned how to pull up on furniture. It has been fun to watch his world expand as he gets his first taste of paper, hair rubber bands and other non-eatables that I regularly find him with. It is hard to baby proof a home from age 5 and down... it is actually near impossible. Anything the girls can get into, has to be safe for Andrew. I can't trust them to remember not to let him have little parts.
He is also eating now, and loves food! He loves oatmeal, chicken and blueberries. He is also taking to bottles quite well and loves formula.
I have noticed a few differences between my girl babies, and this little boy baby. He is bigger and stronger than the girls, crawling a good 2 months earlier than any of them. He hits everything. Toys, people, food, his carseat, everything. He loves the vacuum. My girls were scared of the vacuum, running in fear and covering their ears when it comes out of the closet. He actually likes it, smiles and giggles at it, and crawls after it. I have to vacuum quickly while he struggles to keep up with me. Thats it. Otherwise he is just a normal, sweet baby boy!
I pray for my sweet boy to grow to be a man of God, and faithfully read, teach and preach the Word like his daddy! I am still in shock that God gave me a baby boy. Thank you Jesus for my little sweet buddy.

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