Friday, March 9, 2012

Goodbye Green Van!

We said an emotional good bye to a part of our family. The Green Van. It was faithful (until the end), full of fun, spacious, and had assisted in many road trips as well as driven by all 4 of us to High School. The '79 Chevy was complete with sideways bench seats with an octagon checkers board/card table with drink holders in the back, curtains, and carpet from wall to wall. The stories of the green van go on and on. I used to keep a record of all the times i was pulled over in the green van.... driving in an illegal backroad, appearing too young to have a license, forgetting to turn my headlights on, racing (yes... with a high school friend who had a van as old as mine), not stopping, speeding, swerving the list goes on. I will never forget the officer who glanced at my lap belt at a seatbelt checkpoint after school one day. He told me to tell my dad to get me a new car. A new car? I thought... NEVER! I loved my van. I thank God that no one ever got hurt in the Van, He protected us so many times in it.

I begged and pleaded to the husbands and engineers in the family to fix it up again and let me install all my carseats and drive it around town, but there was a resounding "no" form the peanut gallery of all the men. However, none of us can even stand to think about it being dismantled and crushed. It is just too much to bear. Good bye Green Van. Your memory will live on in our hearts.

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