Friday, March 9, 2012

My Sweet Pre-Schoolers!

Katelyn and Sara have been doing pre-school with me during Andrew's morning nap and while Kalena is at school. It has been going great. The other day I brought out some word flashcards and thought I would teach Sara a few words. She and I were both shocked when she began to read! I love the giddiness both she and Kalena showed when they first began to read. This wass a moment I will always remember. She didn't just read dog and hat, but 5 and 6 letter words like, umbrella and football.(with a huge smile, and jumping up and down) Justin was getting ready for work and he peaked his head in the room with a shocked look. I knew she was getting close to reading, but didn't know she was really ready to start! Now she gets to read Bob books and our first reader pony books. Yay for Sara!!

Katelyn is also moving along in her "pre-school" which includes potty training and learning her colors. Her vocabulary is booming and we talk to her and she talks back in normal sentences. Occasionally she tries to throw in words like, maybe, probably, and actually which always brightens my day because it is hilarous. She has a rather explosive temper (as well as laugh :) so the first verses she has memorized are: Titus 2:5 "Be self-controlled" and Colossians 3:8 "...put away anger" and Colossians 3:12 "...put on ...kindness".

Both of my little pre-schoolers love each other so much and they have had so much fun bonding together in the mornings. Their tender hearts are so precious to me. I pray for them and their relationship that it will grow and flourish as the Lord matures both of them into women of faith and truth. I pray Jesus grabs hold of their little hearts and teaches them, guides them, and molds them into women who worship Him.

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